P7 Diamond Analyzer | Diamond Testor Aciid Testing Kit

P7 Diamond Analyzer

Brand new, in the original box, PuriTEST™  P7 DIAMOND ANALYZER. Everything you need in order to know if your diamond is real or not! This highly compact 6.5" x 1.5" device will tell the difference between a genuine diamond & a simulated fake diamond! Each unit is hand calibrated & guaranteed to be accurate! Costs a fraction of a diamond. Give yourself the piece of mind of knowing what you are buying!  Includes a leather bag, 9V Battery & small tray. Pay With PROPAY

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About Us & Our Gold, Silver, Platinum Testing Products

Wondering How To Test For Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds At Home?

At Puritest.com, we carry the latest in acid testing kits. Our Gold Testers, Diamond Testers, Silver Testers & Platinum Testors take the guess work right out. .

Our products are everything you need to determine if your gold, silver, or platinum is real or fake! Simple 3-Step Testing Instructions Included in most of our products! Bottles are less than two weeks old and come sealed. Each 0.5 Ounce Bottle contains enough acid for hundreds of tests!

We sell over 2000 bottles of acid a day through Ebay and Amazon! No one can offer acid as fresh as ours simply because no one else sells as much as us.


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